StarCEPTA Group is one of the leading source for SUGAR, we supply Sugar from Brazil, and we have a strong customer base all around the world. We can guarantee all your Sugar needs with 100% customer satisfaction. We supply high quality White Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45, Raw Brown Sugar ICUMSA 600-1500, ICUMSA 80-100-150-300 & VHP.

We do – Yearly Contract • Spot Sales • Spot – Expedite Shipment • HSS (High Seas Sale)

 All methods of CIF shipments in High Quality Vessels available; also undertake Containerized shipments to Any Safe World Port. Please contact us for the best price in the market and mode of Payments available and detailed Procedure.


We supply Scrap Metal (HMS1, HMS1&2) from the dismantling factories in South America

Corn, Wheat, Rice, Soybean, Edible Oils, Animal Feed, Raw Material for Bio-Diesel & Ethanol are available from the farms of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay with suitable shipping methods according to the buyer requirement. 


Grade-A Chicken Parts - Frozen Whole Chicken, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Breast, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws are available 

     All the Chicken Parts are Grade-A standard and are specially hand slaughtered accordingly to international requirements, well dressed and cleaned, no bruise, no blood, no bad smell, no feather, no broken bones, dry , moisture less than 3%, 100% fresh and frozen available with certified HALAL, HACCP, ISO…etc, packed into plastic bag, inserted into 10-20 kg carton with specification. Frozen Temperature: blasted at: -20°c, storage at: -18°c, during transportation: -10°c ~ -15°c,                       freezing process: bqf, shelf life: 12-24 months from production date.